Top 12 Fitness Rules for a Healthier You

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Top 12 Fitness Rules for a Healthier You

We are all aware that living an active lifestyle makes you look and feel better. Research also reveals that fit people, regardless of their weight have a longer lifespan and enjoy enhanced productivity, less stress, and even a better social circle. It is important to follow some fitness rules in order to be successful in your fitness goals.

Unfortunately, in between balancing our work-life routine, most of us are unable to find the time to spend on our fitness. The digital era has made many of us lazy as well. In fact, a former study shows that only 15 percent of Canadians meet the minimum recommended standards of exercise each week. Another study also notes that the residents of Canada overestimate the time they spend on physical activity while actually, they get far less than they anticipate.

Nevertheless, a lack of exercise is usually a culprit of many physical and mental health conditions – thus maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is vital in today’s era. So stop putting it off, get off the sofa, and follow the top fitness rules that apply to everyone – regardless of their fitness goals.

Fitness Rules

  1. Make water your friend

Hydration affects energy levels. When a person is dehydrated, they will feel lethargic and get tired after a short period of exercise. In fact, in one hour of moderate exercise, a person loses around 1 liter of water through perspiration which leads to loss of energy and muscle cramping.

However, drinking plenty of water before exercise and taking ‘water breaks’ every 15 – 20 minutes regulates body temperature and heart rate.

Remember, the harder a person works out, the more liquid they will need to replenish your body.

  1. Nutrition is the key

Eating well before and after the workout session is necessary to rejuvenate the body. However, this does not call for a binging session of junk food and other snacks. Rather it is ideal to balance meals with a high protein diet and slow-burning or light carbohydrates.

One should never exercise on an empty stomach. And it is recommended that individuals who work out first thing in the morning eat a light snack such as toast or a glass of juice before heading out. They should refuel quickly afterward as well.

  1. No excuse for cardio

Cardio is one of the exercises that many people dread. However, it is an important part of a workout regime to get the heart rate up in order to improve and strengthen its health. For healthy adults, it is recommended around 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense workout each week.

  1. Weight train

Weight training is another exercise that should be part of the regime for everyone. However, many people are under the assumption that lifting weights can make them bulky when this is not the case. In fact, strength training like weight lifting accelerates calorie burn that helps in weight loss.

  1. Modify the routine

When a person starts going to the gym, they immediately notice a change in their weight. However, after some time the fluctuation in weights stops and they are left with a stubborn number on the scale. This happens because the body has adapted to the particular routine and in order to make it more flexible, the individual should make changes to their workout regime on a regular basis.

For example, a gym-goer who always heads to the treadmill could change pathways and hop on a cycle or an elliptical instead. Increasing the duration of workout and intensity can also help make things interesting.

  1. Head outside

Gyms are often equipped with the most high-tech exercise equipment. However, this is no reason to stay cooped up indoors at all times. Exercising outdoors is more beneficial for mental stimulation and it is recommended that ‘fitness enthusiasts’ head out outside once in a while for a walk, jog, or cycling in the fresh air.

  1. Don’t overlook the stretching-phase

Stretching is another fitness rule that is often ignored. Stretching is an important part of the whole exercise regime as it improves circulation, flexibility, and helps relieve stress.

At the start of the workout, most individuals partake in light cardio to get the muscles activated. However, it is advised not to stretch muscles that are not properly warmed up as it can increase the risk of injury. This is why stretching should be at the end of a workout session to relax the sore muscles.

  1. Indulge in self-care therapy

Exercise can take a toll on the overall body. To repair the damages, one must indulge in various forms of therapy such as massages, cold showers, and saunas to recuperate quickly. Getting good sleep is also imperative post-workout.

  1. Set aside the ego

There is no competition in exercise and the same intensity of a workout is not applicable to everyone present in the gym. Avoiding the urge to compete with others and concentrating on oneself is the best way to reach fitness goals at a dedicated pace.

  1. Track progress

Keeping a log of the workout is another good way to judge progress. Plus, it is also helpful when someone seems out of shape. They can simply look back at their best workout times and replicate the same training to regain their fitness.

  1. Remain consistent

Consistency is the key to success. Yes, it is hard work but taking part in one great workout after another will definitely put an end to any obstacles that come in the way. Start with small steps and continuing with dedication and discipline will yield great results.

  1. Make workout enjoyable

This is perhaps the most important fitness rules to follow – make the workout fun and enjoyable. When a person takes part in an exercise session that they do not enjoy, they will probably limit their appearance with excuses after some time. However, doing something that one would look forward to will improve the chances of reaching fitness goals quickly.

For example, enroll in different fitness-based classes. Or enlist a friend to join along!

These were just some of the golden fitness rules to follow for an active and healthy lifestyle. Try them out and let us know.


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