9 Top Health Benefits of Tea

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9 Top Health Benefits of Tea

The health benefits of tea are endless. According to research, it shows that drinking tea could help with many serious conditions, like obesity, dehydration, and even cancer.

Tea is known as a famous cold-weather drink but for hundreds of years, tea has been part of several cultures and traditions. Did you know that more than three billion cups of tea are consumed every single day? Tea not only has a nice taste, but tea drinking is also known to acquire therapeutic benefits. Listed below are some of the wonderful health benefits of drinking tea.

What are the Advantages of Drinking Tea?

Polyphenols is a natural substance found in both herbal and caffeinated teas. These substances are known to be antioxidants, meaning they’re compounds that will help lower the chance of certain diseases.

During processing, these polyphenols can get destroyed. That is why bottled tea drinks, decaffeinated teas, and tea powders won’t offer as many health benefits as compared to regular tea. Depending on black, white or green, every sort of tea has its own health benefits. Written below are some (of many) health benefits of tea, as more research is being done they may discover more benefits.

1. Managing Weight

Drinking caffeinated tea (green tea) has been discovered in studies to help with weight loss, this is because of the catechins (a type of polyphenol in tea). Many studies have also noted that drinking tea can increase in the burning of calories, which in turn helps keep the body fat down. More research is still being done on how tea helps lose weight, and the results look promising

2. Improved Heart Health

Consuming black or green tea has shown in studies that it lowers the risk of heart disease. In the studies, the findings were varied when it came to reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Tea helps to potentially improve the flow of blood within your body by opening up the main arteries and decreasing the danger of clots. Plus, tea contains flavonoids (a type of antioxidant) that have shown to prevent the beginning of heart disease.

3. Diabetes

When it involves diabetes, the research may be a bit unclear about any benefits of teas. Some studies have noted that the catechins in green tea may be able to assist with the glucose, and in turn, lower the chance of Type-2 diabetes. But there haven’t been many clinical trials to prove it. Further research is being done to confirm if chamomile and spearmint herbal teas have a role in the prevention of diabetes.

4. Cancer

There have been some high-profile studies that have mentioned drinking tea can dramatically lower your chances of having specific cancers. Still, there is quite a bit more research that must be completed. Specific reports have shown that mouth, breast, and prostate cancer numbers are much lower among the people drinking two or more cups of tea a day.

5. Hydration

Water is definitely the one drink you go-to for hydrating especially for rehydrating the body after a workout or a long day. But much research now states that drinking tea can be just as beneficial. It can be high in caffeine, but it is an excellent option for hydration for your body as it is a flavorsome and a great source of water.

6. Tooth Decay

The risk of tooth decay is a benefit of tea, as the tea is said to strengthen your teeth. Tea also has fluoride in it which will strengthen your enamel as well. the antioxidants within the tea are known to fight gum disease and bacteria.

7. Anti-inflammatory

Due to the polyphenols that are in tea, they can decrease inflammation. Studies have shown that green tea is 100 times more powerful than the antioxidant strength of Vitamin C. People suffering from inflammatory bowel disease will find drinking tea to be extremely beneficial.

8. Brain

Reducing the chance of Alzheimer’s (and other neurodegenerative diseases) is another benefit of drinking tea. Even though there is no cure for Alzheimer’s yet, there’s still research that proves that green and black tea can help with improving cognitive scores. Drinking tea has been known to boost memory to avoid cognitive decline and increase a person’s attention span. The L-theanine and caffeine in tea can enhance reaction time, memory, concentration, and visual processing.

9. Gut Health

In order to take care of a healthy gut, now there are other options besides taking in additional probiotics and fiber. In line with research, polyphenols found in tea can beneficially alter the gut bacteria. this may further result in other positive benefits on your health, such as increased glucose levels, weight loss, and fewer carbohydrate absorption.



More research is currently being done to discover the additional benefits of tea. However, tea can still be an important part of your daily routine to take care of yourself and your overall health.

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