9 Awesome Hydrating Drinks for Your Body

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9 Awesome Hydrating Drinks for Your Body

Sixty percent of our body weight is made up of water and it is the most important element in us. Water is everywhere and it not only helps regulates our digestive system, cushions the joints but also protects sensitive tissues. The function of each and every cell depends on hydration and when the body is low on water it becomes dehydrated which leads to lethargy, dizziness, and confusion.

Hydration depends on the consumption of water and the amount of water that leaves the body through sweat, respiration, and urination. After you exercise, the body’s water content depletes as it is released through sweat. So hydration is very important before, during and after exercising. It improves performance when working out and helps maintain a healthy balance.

Hydration should be the top priority of those hitting the gym because it helps to stretch the muscles and builds endurance in athletes. Without enough water, the benefits of exercise will be very limited. Water also helps with weight loss because it naturally decreases the appetite and also promotes the process of breaking down the fat.

However, staying hydrated does not mean that you can drink almost anything. Water is the best solution but sports drinks advertising their abundance of electrolytes have confused everyone on which one is better for the body.

What Not to Drink

There are certain drinks that can dehydrate you even more which should be avoided at all costs if you want to maintain healthy water consumption. You must stay away from drinks with caffeine and alcohol in them such as tea and soda even if they look very refreshing. When it comes to alcohol, the higher the content in the drink, the more dehydrating it is. This is why it is recommended that you also have water with your cocktail.

Tell-tale Signs of Dehydration

Apart from feeling an unquenchable thirst, dehydration can make you feel light-headed and fatigued. The dry mouth is accompanied by irritability and often a headache as well. In severe cases, the dehydrated person can also become constipated and pass dark-colored urine.

Dehydration can also be accompanied by another illness such as diarrhea or stomach flu. In such a situation it best to keep the body in balance by consuming any of the following hydrating drinks.

Hydrating Drinks

The best hydrating drinks to maintain a normal amount of fluid in the body are the common hydrating liquids found in nature but there are also some supplements that can work well too.


Plain, drinking water is the best bet for hydration and it is the most obvious choice too. At times there is nothing that can quench your thirst like a tall, cold glass of pure water.


People often think that because milk has a thick consistency it would be dehydrating but it is actually the opposite of that. Milk is at times better at hydrating the body than water and it has the added bonus of calcium and vitamin D. Milk also contains protein that powers up the body in summers, unlike water. A glass of unsweetened milk is for everyone to enjoy your milk and cookies without feeling guilty.

Infused Water

If you do find plain water boring then you can sip on a healthy, fruity drink with zero sugar. Fruit and vegetable-infused water is refreshing and also helps detox the body. Lime, lemon, basil, cucumber, and mint is a recommended combination but you can add anything you like in your own water bottle which creates delicious hydrating drinks.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juices are 85% water and hence considered a good source of hydration. The key is to buy a juice that is 100% pure to get all the benefits of the natural vitamins. Some juices contain sugar so take note of that because sugar is an anti-hydration substance. If you are drinking more fruit juice than the recommended serving then add water to it.


One way to stay hydrated without having to drink anything is by eating watermelon. This fruit is 92% liquid and it is retained by the body as well. A much better alternative to packaged fruit juice.

Sports Drink

Another one of the hydrating drinks is sports drinks, as you know they are all the rage and you will often see advertisements boasting about the hydrating nature of these liquids and surprisingly they are not far from the truth. Sports drinks contain electrolytes which are actually salts which makes them a more effective source of hydration.

We lose salts in our body when we sweat and sports drinks can help retain a healthy level of electrolytes. Because these drinks are flavored they are easier to chug and the perfect choice for those who want instant hydration. Athletes and bodybuilders are some people who prefer sports drinks (hence the name) because they can burn off the sugar and carbs it contains.


Herbal tea with zero caffeine is another popular choice for a hot hydrating drink. Teas that are an infusion of leaves whether it is green, black or any other color is a good way to stay hydrated. They can be consumed hot or cold and can be counted in the 2 liters of ‘water’ every day. Teas also contain antioxidants so you get more than what you expect.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is trending because of the high water content and being a healthier alternative to fruit juice. It has little sugar content and other added ingredients, however, make sure you check the label to verify this.

Soy, Almond and Coconut Milk

Studies show that alternative milk can be as good for hydration as regular milk. They are a great option for those who are lactose intolerant and they are even recommended for kids.


There are many ways to get the 8 glasses into your body every day and no reasons to skip on them. Staying hydrated can be fun and there is nothing cooler than carrying a drink in your hand when you are heading out to seize the day!

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