Best Ways to Build Your Cardio Workout

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Best Ways to Build Your Cardio Workout

Who doesn’t want to make sure that they stay healthy and fit for years to come? For this, exercising is key. There is no other way to stay fit. There are various types of exercises one can do. Among them, aerobic exercises, also a cardio workout, are the best to make sure that tiredness stays at bay. Various cardio tips can be employed to realize the benefit of this workout technique.

What is cardio?

Cardio, which is a short form of cardiovascular, refers to different types of aerobic exercises that are aimed at moving the muscles of hips, legs, and arms. The training is done to increase the heart rate so that one breathes more deeply and faster. This increases the intake of oxygen, and hence the oxygen in the bloodstream also increases. This helps in the organs getting more oxygen and therefore working more efficiently.

An important term associated with cardio workouts is aerobic capacity. This term refers to how well oxygen is being used by the human body. Naturally, the goal of the workout is to get a high aerobic capacity so that feelings of lethargy don’t set in.

There are different types of cardio activities out there. Each of them differs regarding intensity. After all, a beginner won’t be able to perform the rigorous workout that an experienced trainer can do. Cardio activities can range from something as simple as walking to something as challenging as water aerobics.

Why do cardio?

Apart from the fact that doing cardio allows one to realize various health benefits, cardio activities must also be done to increase endurance. Ask any trainer, and they will say the same thing, cardio helps in improving the stamina for other workouts.

Many people feel out of breath by merely climbing a flight of stairs. It happens because their aerobic capacity is low. Cardio helps in getting fitter and hence, ready for an extensive workout. For instance, those who are interested in muscle-burning would find that cardio helps in increasing the time they can do their desired exercise since it increases their energy levels.

Therefore, one must do cardio because it is the first step before one can delve into other types of workout. Before doing rigorous exercises, it must be ensured that the body is capable of working out for that long. Cardio makes sure of this.

What are the benefits of cardio?

Doing cardio is very beneficial for health. Here are some of the advantages.

  1. Since the heart and muscles are provided with sufficient oxygen, they become stronger.
  2. It helps in burning calories since it is a form of exercise.
  3. The increased oxygen helps in controlling appetite, thereby aiding in following a healthy diet.
  4. Just like other forms of activities, cardio workouts enhance the release of endorphins. This, in turn, helps in boosting mood. Thus, it plays a role in improving mental health.
  5. Cardio activities involve a lot of joint movement that helps in reducing arthritis.
  6. There is evidence to suggest that it helps in combating cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes.

How to create the best cardio workout

The key is not just to do cardio. Instead, one should aim to create the best cardio workout. Here are some cardio tips that may come in handy.

No universal best workout

Just because a given cardio exercise works for some people doesn’t mean it will work for all. To find the best workout, one must analyze what activity they enjoy. For instance, if someone loathes running in the morning, doing it for the sake of cardio will reduce the motivation to carry on with the exercise in the long run. Instead, individuals should look for activities that they enjoy.

The how matters, not the what

Something as simple as walking can be counted as cardio. It doesn’t matter how seemingly simple the workout seems. To create the best exercise, it is important to work hard rather than choose the most challenging activity.

Frequency is important

Regardless of what activity is being done and how much effort is being put into it, it will all go in vain if the cardio workout is not done at least three days every week. That too is the minimum amount. One should strive to do it daily if benefits are to be realized.

Cardio workout optimum length

Make sure to work out for at least 20 minutes and at most an hour before moving to other exercises. It is advised to start with less duration and then slowly increase workout length. This way, the best cardio workout can be created eventually.

Important tips for cardio

Wish to ensure the maximum benefit from the cardio workout? Incorporate these cardio tips.

  1. Plan the exercise. Know what activities are to be done and for how long.
  2. Do cardio first when hitting the gym. This ensures that you don’t miss out on it due to exhaustion.
  3. Don’t try to multitask. Cardio requires every ounce of energy one can give it. The magazines can be read later.
  4. Perform warm-up exercises before moving to cardio so that the body gets prepared and muscle pulling doesn’t become an issue.
  5. Don’t perform the workout at the same pace throughout. Change the intensity to increase metabolism.
  6. When going grocery shopping, don’t use a cart. Instead, carry items. This is a cardio exercise in itself.


Doing cardio day after day may seem like a daunting task. However, once the routine is set, it becomes easier. Anyone who strives to stay fit and lose weight can benefit immensely from cardio workouts. Be one of them. Health and fitness matter.

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