Genuine New Year Resolution Tips

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Genuine New Year Resolution Tips

2020 is almost at its end and it is that time of the year again. The time where we all try to make a new year resolution. Many people promise themselves that this year they will get into a fitness regime and then have trouble fulfilling it. Your health is important, and we are here to help you create the best fitness resolution that is going to stay with you in the long run.

First things first. Answer the big question “WHY?”

The only motivation that you should have for fitness is you. You should motivate yourself. It is good to have a friend to boost your morale, but you should be the main reason for your motivation. Ask yourself why you need to get fit. So that you can get in this for all the right reasons. Finding the right reasons to get fit is very important. This is the only thing that will help you stick to your resolution in the long run.

Trying to get fit for your partner or due to societal pressure is not the right thing to do. You should get fit for yourself. Many people associate getting fit with losing weight. However, that is completely wrong. Getting fit means getting your body in perfect shape. And the perfect shape is different for different people. What might be best for your sister might not be for you? So, get fit because you want a long healthy life. And not because you are under pressure from other people. Do it for yourself and no one else!

Maybe living for yourself can be number one on your New Year resolution list. Followed closely by getting fit!

Starting is the hardest part

Most people tend to quit working out by February. Hence it is proven that starting is the hardest. No matter what the task is the most difficult that you face is in the beginning. Once you start something, it starts getting easy. I’m not saying that it will come naturally to you. But it will start getting better. Set a specific time for your workout and try sticking to it, in the beginning, try working out for 40 to 45 minutes. And gradually increase the time. Once you’re used to it, it won’t seem all that daunting anymore.

Throw out the scale

Your number one enemy is your weighing scale. Weight is different for different people. It is not humanly possible for every single human to have 90 pounds of weight for example. The anatomy of every body type is different. Some people have bulky bones, and some have huge muscles. All these things are included in your weight. So please don’t let the scale fool you.

You might have heard people say that they want to lose weight. But weight is just a number. What you want to do is lose fat and get that wholesome muscle weight. Your weight includes fat, muscle weight, water weight and bones. The only thing that you should aim to get rid of is fat. Nothing else.

Using a scale to measure your progress is like setting yourself up for failure. You might be getting fit by getting rid of fat with proper diet and exercise. But also gaining upon muscle. Hence your scale will not show you the accurate result. Therefore weighing yourself every day can be pretty discouraging.

Educate yourself on calories

Counting your calories is one of the fundamental parts of getting fit. So what are calories? Calories are the measure of potential energy that you are getting by consuming food. What time what calories are consumed is not important. It does not matter when you are taking food, what does matter is how many calories you are taking in a complete 24 hours.

Every body type needs a different amount of calories per day. So you need to check what calorie count is the best for you. And then divide them throughout the day so that you stay full. And stay away from mindless snacking. Many online websites and apps can help you calculate your body’s calorie count.

Set a deadline

Setting up small goals is essential for success. When you don’t push yourself to get done with something at a specific time, you are giving yourself room for procrastination. This way you will have a wiggle room and nothing would be driving you to hit the gym. So we recommend setting up small milestones so that you can accomplish those and be proud of yourself.

As getting fit is your New Year resolution, maybe try setting up small achievements for the end of every month. And treat yourself for all that hard work with a small treat because you know you deserve it!

Measure your progress

No, we are contradicting ourselves. Using a weighing scale is not the only way to measure progress. You can measure your progress by counting the number of steps that you took in one day. Or by checking out the hours that you stayed active for. Buy any gadget that would help you keep track of all these small things. Or just download some fitness application on your phone. All these small things are the real deal. They will help you get fit in no time. And will also get you in the habit of staying active.

One more thing that they will help you with is pushing yourself to check your limit. Push yourself each day to achieve more than the previous day.

Have fun!

Getting fit and working out is a lot of fun. Promise!

Have fun while running laps. Or while working out. Get a gym buddy or whatever you feel will help you. Having fun while doing anything is essential. Have a few cheat days. Treat yourself. Because the more you restrict yourself, the more your body will crave it. Just be smart about everything and you would achieve your goal in no time.

Good luck with staying true to your New Year resolution 2021!

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