Secret Advantages of Weight Training

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weight training

Secret Advantages of Weight Training

It is very important to have an active lifestyle, as physical activity is essential. Did you know there are many benefits of doing physical activity as it helps fight against cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and much more? By living a healthy lifestyle by working out and doing physical activity.

There are many popular physical activities such as going to the gym, swimming, active running and various sports activities.  The most popular category of gym activities is weight training. Weight training has two main categories one is free weight training and the other is bodyweight training. It all depends on the objective and outcome that you want from weight training.

Weight training can be about building strength or gaining that extra muscle. Below are the details regarding free weight training and bodyweight training

What is Free Weight Training?

Free weight training involves dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and sandbells. Unlike exercise machines, these free-moving objects do not restrict the movement of an individual. It is also known as resistance training that helps increase muscle strength.

Furthermore, free weight exercises allow individuals to have control of the pace of the exercise. Having free weights incorporated in their exercise routine improves muscle balance and control over the body.

Benefits of Free Weight Training

There are numerous benefits of free weight training, some of them are as follows:

  • Free weight training decreases the imbalance of strength in the body. Free weights do not focus on just any one part of the body rather it involves loading each side of the body equally.
  • Free weight training also prevents injuries that normally happen in any form of exercise. For example, machine training sometimes causes spasm or cramps. This method of training strengthens the muscles. Strong muscles keep the joints intact and provide support to your body.
  • The best possible way to gain maximum strength is through free weights as they decrease the imbalance of the muscles allowing the weaker side of the body to gain strength. Moreover, free weight training requires more control and stability therefore, muscles gain strength.
  • Last but not least, free weight training is closer to real-life movements. For example, picking weights from the ground prepares the body to lift a child or a wood plank, etc. The body gets conditioned to this type of movement hence, picking weights in everyday life becomes much easier.

What is Bodyweight Training?

Bodyweight training is exercises that use the weight of an individual’s own body to build strength and muscles. The most common form of bodyweight exercises includes push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups.

They are best to burn calories, tone up the muscles, enhance flexibility and improve cardio. Bodyweight training is a more natural form of exercise as they use an individual’s own strength, therefore, they do not affect the joints as much as other forms of exercise do.

Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Some people often underestimate the effectiveness of bodyweight exercises; below are some of the main benefits of bodyweight training:

  • Bodyweight training does not require a lot of investment, for example, you don’t have to invest in heavy equipment or expensive machines. Also, even the time invested doesn’t have to be much. A short routine that engages full body like squats, push-ups, crunches, etc. can strengthen and build muscles.
  • Bodyweight exercises allow people to have more control over their training. Furthermore, it has a better variety of exercises. With machine or weight training, people tend to get bored easily as it is using one equipment or machine over and over again. With bodyweights, you can try different routines daily.
  • Bodyweight exercise has proven to be more effective for weight loss and lean bodies. You can have short sessions of bodyweight training rather than long hours of weight or machine training. These short sessions help reduce fat lot faster than any other method. People who are engaged in bodyweight training tend to have a leaner body.
  • The best thing about bodyweight exercise is that it can be done anywhere. You do not need a special place or gym to start the routine. It can be done in any room and can be managed easily at home if wanted.


Both types of training are used to build muscle strength, stamina and resistance in your body. However, some physical trainers believe that bodyweights are more effective as compared to free weight training as bodyweight exercises make a body more athletic and leaner.

Having said this, some people do not know how to fully utilize the bodyweight exercises; doing push-ups or crunches every day might not be enough. Furthermore, bodyweight exercises need more consistency and take longer to show the ultimate result. Therefore, some people prefer free weight training as it gives results much quicker.

Additionally, bodyweight training requires dedication and patience as well because exercising with equipment is easier but doing push-ups or crunches is a lot more difficult. This method requires so much patience as the results start to show gradually and some people tend to give up in the middle thinking it is not helping them at all.

The question, which weight training is better, cannot have a specific answer as it totally depends on what an individual is expecting to gain from their exercise routine. Some people do it to lose weight, while some do to live an active lifestyle and improve metabolism, others do it to gain maximum strength and flexibility in the body.

Different people have different needs and therefore, it doesn’t mean any one specific type of weight training will suit them all. It is advisable to choose the type of training that fits the body type, body mass and personal needs better. In some cases, a combination of both free and bodyweight training can also be beneficial, which allows a person to enjoy the benefits of both.

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