Exercise Burnout – The Startling Signs

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exercise burnout

Exercise Burnout – The Startling Signs

It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, but as you know it is not a simple task as can you can easily fall behind on a diet or an exercise schedule.


Initially, exercise and diet can be quite challenging. After a hard workout, your body can feel overworked and too tired to complete your day. This is often an indication of exercise burnout and not having a desire to do another workout. A burnout can make you feel like you have no energy to do anything.

Realization of Exercise Burnout

If you have exercised too much and become cranky and lethargic all the time then you may have exercise burnout. Even if you had a decent night’s sleep the day before the workout or sleeping for ten hours, you may still feel down and tired which means you are officially burned out.

The stages of exercise burnout

The following are the stages that you go through during exercise burnout:

The Honeymoon Stage

During the beginning, you are motivated and it feels like following a healthy lifestyle seems like an achievable goal. You have the motivation to workout to reach your goal of fitting into an outfit or losing a certain amount of weight.

This is the stage that causes burnout as you are doing too much too quickly. This results in feeling lethargic faster. This does not just happen to you physically but also mentally as well. It ‘s very important to begin slowly during this stage so you can avoid experiencing exercise burnout.


Soon following the honeymoon stage, you will get a reality check where your initial excitement goes away. This usually happens when your results are not that visible which results in loss of motivation. This will cause you to start missing exercise workout sessions and feeling that it isn’t worthwhile.

Mini-goals (short-term) are often set which are more likely to spruce up your confidence and keep you on target with your goals.


When the motivation and excitement have entirely faded away, now’s the time when you will start feeling bored over the thought of exercising. Apathy and dreariness towards exercising will overcome your commitment to your goals. You may find yourself searching for excuses to miss the workout session.

Make a change – try a unique piece of apparatus or add a new routine in a different area of the gym. Always give your body something new.


If an individual stalls for long enough, the motivation to exercise ends completely and it is no longer on the list of priorities. It’s common for people to stop entirely and put off till next year instead.

Create a schedule and follow it for a minimum of 5 weeks. Even make a date together with your trainer or your friends to work out.

Signs and Remedies

You must decide whether you are experiencing burnout or you are just not motivated enough to exercise. The following are signs to look for.

You keep on stalling

Procrastination is an important sign of exercise burnout. When you experience it, even after getting on your workout clothes you still find reasons to stall. Tips to help with procrastination from setting in is by not having a rigorous workout when you start but instead set small goals so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Choosing simple exercises like walking around the block or even completing ten push-ups each day.

Your heart isn’t into it

When your heart is just not into working out it may seem like it is hard to achieve, as this happens when motivation is lost causing exercise burnout. You may find yourself to not be in a positive state of mind when it comes to exercising.

To combat this sign, one can proceed by trying a replacement exercise routine and if you become bored then you need to switch up the routine. Try walking down the block for one week then play tennis with the following week.

Feeling exhausted

You may start feeling fatigued, both physically and mentally. As an example, you may feel mentally exhausted at the concept of visiting the gym and also have body ache from exercise burnout.

The best thing for solving this problem is by resting. It’s okay to require every day off to recharge. The body, in addition, because the mind, needs time to recover after a tiring exercising session.

Waking up feeling tired

When you are burned out, you’ll awake each day and feel as if you haven’t slept for days. This sensation of tiredness is overwhelming and may stop you from exercising. You can dial down the exercises and not choose hardcore one, instead choose something that’s relaxing like yoga or Pilates. This helps in soothing both the mind and body and ensures that your feeling of tiredness goes away.

Feeling cranky and moody

Exercise burnout can take a toll on your mood causing you to lash out or engage in arguments for no real reasons. There are many remedies to help you enhance your mood like taking a hot bath, getting a massage, or simply taking a nap to stop the crankiness.

How to avoid exercise burnout?

Here are a few simple ways you can prevent exercise burnout from happening:

• Ease into your routine. Set small and achievable goals. Don’t overstrain right from the start.
• Don’t surrender. If one can stop the stalling stage from setting in, the probabilities are the burnout won’t do any damage.
• Keep things fun by changing your workout routine.
• Rest. When you are feeling tired take a day off from working out.
• Reward yourself once you meet your goals as a source of motivation.

Try to avoid exercise burnout. Do not let it stop you from leading a healthy life. Exercise. Stay healthy. Live well.

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